EatWell- Subscription (24 months)
EatWell- Subscription (24 months)

EatWell- Subscription (24 months)

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  • 6x EatWell Magazine (RRP $72)
  • 6x issues of WellBeing Magazine (RRP $72)

Total value of $144

What's inside Eatwell #23:

Welcome to our gut-friendly issue! With more than 100 delicious recipes, EatWell #23 is filled with gut-healing dishes to inspire you to eat healthily and seasonally this autumn. How’s your gut health? Getting the right bacteria in your gut is largely a result of your diet. In this issue, we’ve put together some delicious recipes that will get your gut happy and keep it happy. You’ll also hear from sauerkraut makers and artisan kefir producers, as well as Sarah Wilson who shares her banana peel cake – yes, you heard right… banana peels! Learn how to decipher nutrition labels, the different types of cooking oils, new ways to prepare okra, guilt-free biscuits and quick meals served in a jar. Planning your next trip? How about Portugal? We’ve dedicated an entire recipe section to this culinary delight. Plus, read through our cookbook feature and be the first to know the latest food trends to hit cafes all around Australia. And, if you’re still hungry, discover our favourite Moroccan tagines, read the latest food news, which fruit and vegetables are in season plus loads more!


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