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EatWell Magazine 19

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Are you loving slow-cooked comfort foods at the moment? Winter is a time to take stock, cosy up by the fire and take a second helping of the stew bubbling away on the stove. In EatWell #19, we invite you to stay warm on the inside with fuss-free crockpots, nourishing noodle soups and healing comfort foods. Delight family and friends with more than 100 healthy, wholesome recipes using new and exciting ingredients such as timut pepper, smoked meats and pickled vegies. Ever heard of the veto diet? We take a look at how going keto overlaps with vegan living. Discover a whole recipe section dedicated to pancakes and their many delicious variations, simple and healthy snacks for work and German-style dishes. Join us as we share our love for dandelion root, bittersweet cacao and affordable crockpot cooking. Love pecans? We share the story of two pecan farmers who have a passion for growing pecans, despite the 40-year wait for full maturity. Learn how to grow edible gardens in urban spaces, why potatoes have a poor reputation nutritionally and how to change that, read the latest food news, which fruit and vegetables are in season and loads more!


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