EatWell- Subscription (12 months)

EatWell- Subscription (12 months)

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  • 6x EatWell Magazine (RRP $72)

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What's inside Eatwell #25:

With more than 100 nutritious recipes, EatWell #25 will encourage you to lead a full and nourished life this winter. With simple tweaks to your diet, you’ll improve your sleep, warm your belly with flavoursome curries and discover the anti-ageing benefits of spices. Create healthy school lunches for your kids, explore the eating philosophy of hara hachi bu and learn how to fight colds with cinnamon. In this issue, you’ll meet local beetroot growers and artisan aioli makers. Find out what it means to be a flexitarian and meet Keira Rumble — enjoy her recipe for hemp-crusted chicken. Learn how fermented foods can reduce anxiety, fall in love with Brussels sprouts and treat yourself to healthy, warming desserts this winter. Plus, you’ll discover our favourite pie recipes to please the whole family, Dutch-inspired dishes and lunches to increase your afternoon energy levels. And, if you’re still hungry, read the latest in food news, what fruit and veg are in seasons plus so much more! 


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