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WellBeing Astrology 2021 (#17)
WellBeing Astrology 2021 (#17)
WellBeing Astrology 2021 (#17)

WellBeing Astrology 2021 (#17)

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This 2021 edition of WellBeing Astrology #17 reveals what your sun sign has ahead for you.

In this edition of Wellbeing Astrology #17, we learn about the medical astrology and natural health.

We delve into insights on how to rise up and express your gifts.

Let's unearth the potential of your 11th house of friendship and community.

Let's unleash your inner warrior with Mars.

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2021 will be a year of transformation and change as old systems of power break down and we move into a new world order, one of greater equity for all. In this edition of Wellbeing Astrology, we explore the changes to come as Saturn and Uranus square off in 2021, triggering global change as we search for stability and the ‘new norm’.

We investigate ways to harness the power of Mars in order to take charge of your life and discover your inner warrior, unleash your hidden gifts with the help of your helmsman planet, identify cycles of growth through the influences of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, delve into the transformative power of fixed signs, and explore food and lifestyle tips to enhance your health and wellbeing in accordance with your astrology.

We also search the unique potentials offered by your personal sun sign for achieving health, wealth and happiness in 2021, and so much more!


  • Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Metal Ox
  • Eclipses in Gemini and Saturn in 2021
  • Fixed Signs: Discover why 2021 is perfect for long-term planning and embracing change
  • Aspects 101: Identify aspects in your chart and discover your planetary obstructions and cosmic supports
  • Unearth the potentials of your 11th house and what it says about your friendships and community
  • Discover which planet to honour to enhance your vitality, wellbeing and health
  • Identify how the cycles of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might influence your life in 2021


Style: Hard cover 

Size: 220mm x 300mm

Weight: 580g