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WellBeing Astrology 2024 (#20)
WellBeing Astrology 2024 (#20)
WellBeing Astrology 2024 (#20)
WellBeing Astrology 2024 (#20)

WellBeing Astrology 2024 (#20)

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The 20th edition of Wellbeing Astrology is here! With a BONUS astrology calendrer!

This issue is the “all about you” edition, brimming with articles that will quench your astrological thirst. If you’re an astrology enthusiast who just wants to read your horoscope, or a seasoned professional craving some in-depth insights, you’ll find just what you need within these pages.

In addition to the regular sun sign horoscopes, you’ll find an extended Chinese Astrology forecast as Wendy Grant outlines the fire, passion and excitement of the Year of the Dragon.

Astrologer Lynn Bell offers her insights into special planetary connections to your sun in 2024. Looking back has as much to do with looking ahead, which is why Paetra Tauchert takes us down memory lane with the long–term influences of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. If you need guidance in figuring out what this all might mean for you, check out our DIY guide to astrology by Wade Caves

Tiarnie Vidler offers intuitive guidance into the power of stars and stones.Did you know that tarot and astrology can go hand in hand? Peter White shows you how. 

​And so much more!

Whichever ways these cycles work for you, the intention with the 20th Edition of Wellbeing Astrology is to arm you with information, guidance and wisdom. Applying these moving cycles to your own life is my best advice for you to lead a more divinely empowered and inspired life!