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WellBeing Esoteric- 2018 edition

WellBeing Esoteric Almanac 2018

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WellBeing Esoteric Almanac is now in its 3rd edition and is perfect for gaining insight as you plan out your 2018.

With expert contributors including the President of the Council of Vedic Astrology Dennis Flaherty predicting Vedic Astrology for 2018, Jeanni Monks - the President of Queensland Federation of Astrologer's predictions on Esoteric Astrology and some powerfully beautiful, new meditations from Jeanni, contributions by the renowned Kelly Surtees in Native American Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Ancient Egyptian Astrology, Western Numerology, Milton Black on Australian Dreamtime Astrology, Ruth Phillips on Runes, and Molly Talbot on Tarot and my new edition - Ayurvedic Numerology for the very first time. Don't miss these insights into divination for your year. And enjoy the planning, dreaming, divining and meditating to come