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WellBeing Goddess 1

WellBeing Goddess 1

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Ten Wisdom Goddesses of the Tantric Yoga 

Tradition and takes you deeply by the hand, sometimes in shocking ways, other time with pure bliss, and challenges you to become the Goddess in all her forms. It is a call to action, to embrace the depths of your capacity for experiential, pure, energised, heart open, mind expanded transformation. As you become the Goddess in each of her ten forms, undertaking the practices and communions, and applying them to your life, you take on a higher purpose for higher living. Each chapter of this book includes a whole new level of yoga with mantra, meditation and Ayurveda. Within these pages, you can learn to experience and awaken the Goddess within, with complete reverence, grace, surrender and humility for total transformation in all areas of your body, mind and life.

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: The Beauty of Terror: Becoming Kali 

Chapter 2: Compassion: Becoming Tara

Chapter 3: Divine Love in Nature: Becoming Tripura Sundari

Chapter 4: The Queen of the Universe: Becoming Bhuvaneshvari

Chapter 5: The Warrior Goddess: Becoming Bhairavi

Chapter 6: Headless Ecstasy: Becoming Chhinnamasta

Chapter 7: The Ancestral Guide: Becoming Dhumarvati

Chapter 8: The Hypnotic Yogini: Becoming Bagalamukhi

Chapter 9: The Extraordinary: Becoming Matangi

Chapter 10: Pure Delight & Abundance - The Lotus Goddess: Becoming Kamalatmika

Chapter 11: The Ten Wisdom Goddess: Becoming at Will



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