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WellBeing Magazine Issue 190

WellBeing Magazine Issue 190

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WellBeing #190, our Annual Edition, is all about loving your world and taking care of yourself in 2021. In this issue, you’ll learn how to ease insomnia and anxiety, lose weight sustainably and so much more. 


WellBeing #190, our Annual Edition and the first of 2021, is all about loving your world and taking care of yourself. In it, you’ll learn how to create an energy-efficient home with David Holmgren, how to ease insomnia and anxiety and easy ways to improve your skin’s elasticity and complexion. This year, why not explore some sustainable strategies to assist with your weight loss goals, discover the magic of your microbiome and hike yourself happy? Read the wise words from singer and entertainer, Tania Je Jong, get to know the “sober curious” generation and start your journey toward a healthier relationship with alcohol which we’re sure is needed after a festive season. In our body, mind and spirit section, you’ll learn how to be optimism and keep hope alive, healthy morning rituals and yoga’s perspective on loneliness and solitude. Plus, if you’re still looking for more fresh content, we share what it means to be a conscious parent, the latest environmental news, what the stars have in store for you in 2021, and so much more!

About WellBeing Magazine.

WellBeing Magazine is the authoritative resource on natural health and living for clever, compassionate, curious people who’re seeking an authentic and soulful way of life. Through its informative, practical articles on ethical living, wholefood cooking, environmental affairs, alternative therapies, natural health and yoga, WellBeing has been inspiring and educating for more than 30 years.

At WellBeing, we get that life isn’t just about surviving — it’s also a series of choices about who you want to be and the world you hope to live in.


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