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WellBeing Creativity Book #5
WellBeing Creativity Book #5
WellBeing Creativity Book #5

WellBeing Creativity Book #5

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Time to flow with this special WellBeing Creativity book that's packed with creative living ideas, puzzles and projects that will inspire you to explore your creativity. 

Welcome to the fifth WellBeing Creativity Book, dedicated to engaging your creativity and calming your mind. 

There is a variety of different projects for you to complete as well as articles on exercising your creativity.

We've also touched on the healing power of the pen and 25 great story ideas to help unleash your creative writing skills.


Creativity and our mental health go hand-in-hand. Creative thinking allows us to slow down and really connect with ourselves and the world around us.

Additional Information

Year published: 2022

Size: 220mm x 300mm

Pages: 178

Material: made from premium quality paper