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WellBeing Mindful Journal
WellBeing Mindful Journal
WellBeing Mindful Journal

WellBeing Mindful Journal

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At Being magazine, we value the notion of being present so much so that we decided to create our very own mindful journal. This journal is designed to support your journey with mindfulness by offering everyday tools, insights and prompts for you to draw on throughout the course of a year. You might be called to write in this journal daily, or it may only be something that you use from time to time. It matters little how frequently you use your mindful journal. What’s more important is the quality of presence that you’re connecting with when you’re using it Being able to show up to the everyday moments in life with curiosity, openness and non-judgement are at the core of being mindful. We hope that your Being Mindful Journal helps to support you in welcoming these mindful qualities to your life with a greater sense of compassion. 

Inside learn:

  • How mindfulness helps you work, rest and play
  • Learn the techniques of mindful awareness
  • Discover mindful sex
  • Develop your mindful groove
  • Mindfulness and climate awareness
  • Let mindfulness boost your creativity
  • The power of mindful arguing
  • 10 easy, effective mindfulness practices
  • And so much more!